#ClassicJokeWednesday tweets by Ellen DeGeneres

By Elise Gabriele,

If you don't follow Ellen DeGeneres on Twitter, click the "Follow" button immediately. If you do, then you're familiar with her weekly hashtag, "Classic Joke Wednesday."

DeGeneres is most recently known for the record-breaking number of retweets she got on her selfie with stars at the Oscars. The selfie included Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep and Bradley Cooper, to name a few. Still, her Twitter presence was already booming before the famous photo.

As DeGeneres' Twitter bio states, "[Her] tweets are real, and they're spectacular." Every tweet has some humor to it, just like the comedian's television personality.

The classic jokes are usually short puns or occasionally a "Knock Knock" joke for DeGeneres' 28.2 million followers to respond with, "Who's there?"

According to EllenTV, the comedian and talk show host created a classic joke Wednesday segment for season 11 of The Ellen DeGeneres show.

In fact, the show's site encourages fans to submit their favorites of the "Classic Joke Wednesday" tradition on EllenTV, Facebook and Twitter.

Here are some classic favorites:

Image courtesy of Getty Images.

Images via Twitter from Ellen DeGeneres



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