Colorado hotel’s beloved cat stolen after St. Patrick’s Day parade

By Daniel S Levine,

A Fort Collins, Colo. hotel’s beloved cat was stolen over the weekend after a St. Patrick’s Day parade, but has thankfully been returned to the hotel.

Oreo Armstrong is a fixture at the Armstrong Hotel, but the cat was taken by two men Saturday night. Hotel general manager Nick Gliszinski told The Coloradoan that the two men asked for a room several times, but the hotel was booked. They left, but surveillance footage showed that they came back at 7:40 p.m. and took Oreo.

Gliszinski was frustrated and the hotel staff called on the public to help find the black-and-white cat. The AP notes that the cat has been at the hotel since 2004 and they even built cat doors to give her free reign of the hotel at night. Oreo even has a Facebook page.

Thankfully, Oreo was only missing for a few days. The Coloradoan reported that the cat was back in the hotel Tuesday night. Gliszinski said that two guests saw Oreo near Fort Collins’ art museum at 10 p.m. They brought the cat back to its home.

“The entire staff at the Armstrong Hotel is incredibly grateful for the support that was shown for Oreo over the course of the last three days,” Gliszinski said. “While this has been a very difficult experience for everyone involved, it's reassuring to see a community of people so eager to help out.”

Police are still searching for the men who took Oreo.



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