'Community' may actually get six seasons and a movie, Justin Lin considered to direct film

By Daniel S Levine,

Community creator Dan Harmon may actually get to fulfill his promise for six seasons and a movie. Since it seems likely that NBC may end up renewing the show for a sixth season by default, there has been talk of a movie.

Sources told TV Guide Wednesday that Fast & Furious director Justin Lin is being considered for directing the film. Lin has worked on several episodes of the show, but his packed schedule may keep him from doing it.

However, Harmon has a close working relationship with brothers Joe and Anthony Russo, who just directed Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The two not only were executive producers on Community, but also directed episodes. They could easily be on the list if Lin can’t do it.

Of course, all this does hinge on Sony and NBC putting in an order for a sixth season. TV Guide notes that the show might get picked up for another year out of default - NBC hasn’t really created any hits. Even though the show has earned low ratings during its entire run, they might want to pair it with Parks & Recreation, which is returning.

Harmon introduced the idea of “six seasons and a movie” in season two. That seemed in danger after Harmon was fired for season four, but he was brought back for season five. Harmon told Deadline at Paleyfest that if NBC doesn’t renew it, Community could easily land on Hulu or Netflix.

“I think that we’re old reliable, like a Tupperware in the fridge,” he said about NBC not announcing a renewal right away. “We’ll find out when the network is the hungriest.”

Community airs on NBC Thursdays at 8 p.m. An upcoming episode will be completely animated in the 1980s G.I. Joe style.



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