Concerned mom arrested for comforting special-needs son without signing visitor's book

By Morgan Cox,

A St. Louis County mother was arrested after entering a school on Thursday to console her special-needs son without signing the guest book.

According to Yahoo! News, Niakea Williams received a call from a teacher at Walnut Groves Elementary School telling her that Michael, her son who has Asperger's syndrome, was panicking.

Williams said she rushed to the school and was buzzed in because she was a known parent. She immediately went to find Michael and walked past the front desk without signing the visitor's book.

“I saw a teacher and she said Ms. Williams what is wrong? I said something is wrong with Mikey and proceeded to go straight to my son,” she said.

Although Williams is a "known parent," the school was apparently concerned because they placed the school on a lockdown due to an unauthorized entry and contacted authorities. This all happened even though Williams had met with the school principal one day before the incident.

“I didn’t sign the book, but I had to check on my son," Williams explained.

According to KMOV, Williams said she told the principal to bring the book to her and she would sign it, but the principal quickly replied, "Oh no, I’ve already called the police."

The mother said she believes the whole situation was unnecessary and is furious that the school reacted in this way.

“They escorted me away from my son, who already has emotional distress. Four officers told me to turn around and put my hands behind my back, I was under arrest," Williams said.

Williams was escorted to the Calverton Park Police Station and charged with trespassing.



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