Connecticut substitute teacher fired for asking students for money and making inappropriate comments

By Victoria Greene,

A Connecticut substitute teacher has lost his job after speaking inappropriately to students while filling in for another teacher.

According to WCPO, substitute teacher Jay Deutsch asked students for $100 and told them he was caught up in a Nigerian phone scam. He also told a female student that she was beautiful in an inappropriate manner.

Following the events in his class, students told another teacher about Deutsch’s peculiar behavior. The teacher spoke to Deutsch, who said he was not going to follow the lesson plan left for him. After their conversation, the teacher listened in to Deutsch’s next class, then alerted school administrators to Deutsch’s inappropriateness, which led to the sub being removed from school.

The school district reported Deutsch and he was removed from the substitute pool.

"I was disappointed with the consortium actions, that they didn't want to hear my side. I'm not going to fight it because it's not in my best interest,” Deutsch said, according to Cincinnati.com.

Before this event, there were no complaints against Deutsch, who has been a substitute teacher for two years.



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