Contaminated meat forces woman into early labor

By Laura Hundemer,

A pregnant Florida woman was rushed to the hospital after consuming contaminated meat. The woman, her boyfriend, and her two daughters were all hospitalized after becoming extremely ill.

Jessica Rosado, 31, of Tampa, was nine months pregnant when she ate a steak that was unknowingly laced with LSD. The bad meat caused her to go into early labor, but she and her baby boy are doing fine.

Tampa police obtained the leftover contaminated meat for testing. According to the New York Daily News, “Initial test results received today from the Hillsborough County Medical Examiner's Office determined the family consumed bottom round steak contaminated with LSD," they said Friday in a release.

According to the Daily Mail, the meat did not taste strange to the family, and they only knew something was wrong after they all started developing extreme symptoms. The symptoms included hallucinations, dizziness, rapid heart rate and difficulty breathing.

The Walmart where the contaminated meat was purchased is fully cooperating with the investigation.



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