Couples will have sex in WEtv reality series 'Sex Box'

By Daniel S Levine,

The reality television landscape officially has no final frontier. A month after Vh1 announced Naked Dating, WEtv one-upped the music network with Sex Box. WEtv has ordered a pilot based on the British reality series, which forces couples to have sex... in a large box.

Sex Box, produced by Relativity Media, begins with a couple struggling to stay together and has them have sex in a box. After that, they speak with a group of experts to figure out their problems, notes Deadline. “This ‘in the moment’ approach fosters conversations about intimacy that are completely filterless and emotionally honest,” the network said.

WEtv President Marc Juris called the project an “intriguing and original concept,” notes Entertainment Weekly. He pointed out that the show has already been successful in the U.K., where the show airs on Channel 4.

The show aired last fall and drew plenty of social media attention, as the U.S. version is likely to do as well.

This is the latest reality show to push the envelope. Aside from the bizarre shows that air on TLC, Vh1 jumped in with Naked Dating. In it, daters go out together in the nude.

Clearly, reality TV concepts are getting more unique, but the producers need to come up with less obvious titles.

Here’s an episode of the U.K. version of Sex Box:



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