Craigslist murderer claims two men dodged death by not meeting with her

By Rebecca Walezak,

Convicted killer and teenage mom Miranda Barbour said Tuesday that two men never showed up after answering her Craigslist ad.

The Associated Press reports that Barbour believes that by not showing up to meet with her, those men saved their own lives.

Barbour is currently in Northumberland County Prison for the murder of 42-year-old Troy LaFerrara.

The original interview was published Saturday on the Sunbury Daily Item. Barbour told the paper that the no-show men had responded to her ad and then never showed up when they were going to meet with Barbour.

“I tried a few times but it never worked out,” Barbour said.

Barbour told police last month that she has committed over 22 murders in the last six years. Barbour claims that the FBI has yet to come to her with questions regarding these murders or the whereabouts of the bodies.

“I said before I would talk to them about all of this, but they never come to see me,” Barbour said.

Police have yet to confirm any of Barbour’s claims.



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