'The Crazy Ones' episode recap - 'Heavy Meddling'

By Sari N. Kent,

We open on Simon and Lauren holding a baby audition with a bunch of babies and their mothers. Lauren notes that Simon has "baby fever" as he's cooing over each baby. He then mentions how his daughter, Sydney is in a promising relationship and hopefully in the near future auditions like these won't be necessary.

Sydney and Owen, the waiter from the Bar Mitzvah, are in bed together, at her place, eating. She tells him that she's glad that she got him fired and they start to make out, but Sydney says that she can't stay because she'll be late for work. Owen then calls her a nerd and says that she doesn't always have to be on time for work. He convinces her to let him use the bathroom before she does. She then runs downstairs to a tobacco shop she and explains to the owner, Sam, quickly about Owen living with her then asks to use the bathroom again, but he then points to a sign that someone has to buy something before they can use the bathroom. She promises him that it will be the last time, but she keeps coming back to buy packs of cigarettes so she can use the bathroom.

Andrew and Lauren are pitching to another employee, George, his ideas for an airline campaign, but the drawing shoddy, but George loves it, and tells Andrew that he's "the best art director I've ever worked with." Then, Simon comes in, hears George and praises Andrew's work as well, but then says that Zach, their real art director, is on vacation and asks when he'll be back. Andrew then says that "it's been refreshing" not having Zach around, but then Zach appears with presents for everyone from his vacation. Andrew then hugs Zach and tells him "that I missed you every second you were gone" Simon then practically tackles Zach when he sees that he's back.

Sydney comes off the elevator and starts apologizing for being late, but Simon says that it's okay and wants to know everything about Owen, who she tells him, "is so talented." Simon then asks Sydney if they "officially a couple and if an awkward Thanksgiving is in their future." Sydney replies that she doesn't know even though they're living together because she's "still in first date behavior, having to look my best and act my best." She then adds that he still hasn't started looking for a new job yet but that she likes having him around. Simon still praises the relationship even though "it went to 0 to 60 overnight," but when Sydney walks away he tells Lauren, "Goodbye. Grandkids. Goodbye little Benjamin Simon," but Lauren says that maybe it will work out. Simon replies that Sydney once broke up with a guy because he used the phrase 'awesome sauce.' My daughter obsessed over one little thing until she blows."

Simon then tells Lauren that he's "as emotionally invested in this as she is and if it's working. When are the stars ever going to align for us again? I can't meddle, I just can't...or can I." Simon then asks Lauren if his eyebrow is going up in that sinister position. She tells that it isn't so he asks her to put in that position and she does.

Sydney eats her lunch like a pig in front of Lauren at the agenvy, but then Owen and Simon come out of the elevator together. Sydney hides under the desk as Simon makes an announcement, that Owen is a photographer and the agency's newest employee. Everybody claps, but clearly Sydney isn't pleased.

Once alone with Simon, Sydney asks him why he hired Owen and why he's meddling in her personal life. Simon replies That he hired Owen because it will help the agency and that he "has a very impressive portfolio." Sydney doesn't believe Simon and wants him to admit that he's hiring him to make her happy. Simon then admits that he's "meddling. I've never meddled before."

Sydney then fires back that she'll "now have to be on first date behavior 24/7." Simon then comments on how Sydney won't have to say that her boyfriend is unemployed anymore when people ask, which she likes and promises that "it will be great" and asks her to say it back. She does and he asks her to repeat it, which she does.

Sydney is putting on makeup while asking Siri (Googling) if having permanent makeup done on fer face is painful? Later, she bumps into an employee, who spills his coffee all over her. She's about to tell at him for not watching where he was going, but then sees Owen watching and calls the employee "adorably clumsy."

Lauren then finds Sydney in a supply closet, eating a cupcake, with icing allover her nose and asks her not to tell anyone.

Andrew catches Zach up on what he missed during his vacation, but Zach is fiddling around trying to open something because he's "starving," which is annoying Andrew. Once he finally gets it open, Andrew starts again, but Zach takes one bite then throws that away and goes to open something else.

Andrew is now totally pissed and calls Zach on his annoying habits. Zach fires back that Andrew was never bothered before. Andrew then admits to Zach that when he was gone, he worked with George and liked it. Zach is visibly hurt and asks Andrew how it was. "Different, not better or worse, just different," Andrew replies and mentions how George complemented him, which Zach "doesn't do so much."

Zach replies, "That doesn't sound different, it sounds better," but Andrew insists that it meant nothing and wants to get back to work. Yet, Zach says that Andrew is annoying in his own right and lists his annoying habits. Andrew insists that he would never want to hurt Zach and that George was a "surprisingly generous partner, which you aren't."

Zach fires back that Andrew has had a bunch of partners, whereas Zach has only had him "and maybe that's the problem." Andrew then asks what he means and Zach replies that they should work with other people. Andrew thinks that's a great idea.

We see Zach working with a bunch of different employees with Gloria Estefan's song "Congo" playing in the background. He then asks his latest partner, whose name he thinks is Rodney, if he minds that he puts his feet up. He says that he doesn't, but says that his name is Peter but Zach keeps laughing and thinks he is joking. Andrew does the Sam's thing with George in another office.

George starts to overpraise Andrew's artwork on the airline campaign and Andrew asks him if he's "screwing with him because I feel like your overpraising my work." George then simply replies That Andres is also modest. Andrew then asks George cut down on the complements and George agrees.

Sydney and Owen are having lunch together at the agency and she's clearly annoyed as she stabs ferociously at her salad. He asks if she's okay because she seems "tense." She fires back, "Why would I be tense?" He then pulls out a pack of cigarettes. She tells him that the reason he found 23 packs of cigarettes is..." He interrupts her saying that he "gets you're a hard-core smoker, but these are unfiltered." She then explains that she had to buy them at the tobacco store because "I'm not comfortable using the bathroom in from of you."

Simon and Lauren come in the room as Sydney is saying this while Owen asks her why she would be uncomfortable using the bathroom in her own house? She mentions how hard it is to keep up the mystery up in a relationship and Owen fires back, "Who cares about the mystery?" Sydney replies that he'll find "one Tampon in the garbage and then all of a sudden it will be, 'It's not you it's me'" I can't always hide who I am anymore. I'm not always camera-ready. I dream about eating sloppy, messy thing," and then she grabs the hot dog he's been eating and starts chowing down on it.

Owen then smiles and lists his bad habits like "putting down people who drink Starbucks, which is silly because I love their coffee and that thunderstorm we listened to the other night. I was scared, like 5- year-old girl scared because it's electricity in the sky." Simon then comments that "honesty is key in a relationship. I snore, I've got dancers' feet." Sydney then admits that she feels better at having confessed her habits. Owen then mentions that he's also "claustrophobic and petphobic," which says is being afraid of baby feet. Sydney then grabs Owen's and announces that she's "living with a freak."

Simon and Lauren walk as Simon says that he'll never have grandstands now because he Google's the cure for petophobia and it's immersion therapy, but then all the mother arrive with their adorably dressed babies for the audition. Simon sees. turns to Lauren and says, "This looks like a job for 'The Meddler'" as she pulls his eyebrow up into the sinister position.

All the mothers are setting up their babies for the audition as Simon talk tinkering about babies. He tells Owen about his early phobias and how he beat them, "You gotta get in there pal." Simon then pushes Owen in with the babies. Owen grabs his camera and starts taking pictures of the babies, talking to himself throughout, but is starting to freak out. Then, Sydney asks why Owen is shooting the babies when another agency photographer is taking a nap. Simon tells that it's okay until another baby starts moving towards Owen.

Sydney tells Simon that she's going to wake up the other photographer, which Owen is totally on board with, but Simon insists that Owen continue photographing the babies. Owen asks why and assumes that Sydney is pregnant. Simon immediately replies, "Keep it!" Sydney fires back that she isn't pregnant and Simon tells Owen that "it's important to think about your future." Owen shoots hack that he's thought about his future and talks about a 100-year old island. Simon insists that there will be babies on that island, picks up a baby, but Owen runs away.

Lauren tries to cheer up a visibly bored Zach. He tells her that he "hasn't been able to find that magic with anyone else but Andrew." Lauren then tells him that Andrew and George were pitching JetSky Airlines in a few minutes. Lauren tells to go and help because if he doesn't, "at the end of the day, you'll both be miserable." Zach then tells Lauren that he has to stop to their pitch. Zach then tells Zach that he doesn't want him to go and pitch with George and that he "doesn't want to pitch with anyone else." He then tells Andrew that when he first started working at the agency, he asked Simon who was the best and that he wanted to work with them and that he [Andrew] makes him better every day." Andrew replies that he put a lot of work in on this pitch with George. Zach says that he understands but then George does something that annoys Andrew and he tells George that be doing the pitch with Zach. George says that he understands and starts praising Andrew again so he closes the door on George as Zach talks about Andrew dealing with all of his annoying habits,

Sydney and Owen break up amicably by the agency elevator as Sydney tells him that they "want different things" and that he needs to move out of her place and get a new job.

Later, Simon apologizes and tells Sydney "that I just wanted you to be happy."

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