'The Crazy Ones' Recap: 'March Madness'

By Sari N. Kent,

We open with Andrew telling Zach, Sydney and Lauren about the float he designed for the city's St. Patrick's Day parade. Then Simon arrives to tell the gang that that day is the last day of auditions to find a Krispy Kreme Doughnuts spokeswoman. He then wants to see Andrew and Zach in his office. Then the song "Danny Boy" starts to play by accident from one of the float's props end the gang tries to stop it, but Simon says that they don't need to hide the fact that it's St. Patrick's Day from him. "Why would I have a problem with a holiday that turns this whole town into a drunken frat party?" he asks.

Sydney then tells him that they were talking about the charity float for the parade. Simon then says he'll be in his office. Once he's gone, Sydney tells Lauren, Zach and Andrew that Simon really does hate the holiday and she tries every year "to shield him from any mention of St. Patrick's Day." Then Andrew's sisters come off the elevator to surprise him.

Andrew hugs each one as they tell him that they'll be in town for two days. He seems less than thrilled. Then Zach and Sydney introduce themselves. They like Zach but one sister notes Sydney as, "the one who's too good to go out with our Andy." One of them then starts to go after Sydney, but Andrew stops her.

Then Sydney leaves and Simon comes in. Zach whispers to him that Andrew's sisters have surprised him. Andrew whispers to his sisters not to mention the holiday in front of his boss, which bothers one of them because it's Andrew's "favorite holiday." Simon jokes that they must be supermodels, but one of them says that they're all just school teachers. Andrew then says, "Yes, school teachers that are leaving," but Simon insists that they stay and asks them what brings them to town. One of them says that Andrew said they can't say. Andrew then ushers them all into the breakroom as "Danny Boy" accidentally starts to play again and Simon looks unhappy.

The Krispy Kreme Doughnuts executive, Roger, hates all of the women who auditioned and tells the gang that he's glad that tomorrow there will be more auditions. Sydney is worried since they are shooting in two days, but Roger fires back that he wants "the perfect woman, the 'total package.'" Sydney replies that the "perfect woman/total package thing doesn't really exist. Why don't we try to appeal to everyone?"

Andrew and Zach mention a beauty ad campaign that focused on women of "all shapes and sizes." "A normal woman. Interesting," Roger replies as he looks at Sydney and suggests that she audition. Sydney is flattered, says she's "not an actress," but says the audition line, Roger loves it and says that she's the new Krispy Kreme girl. Zach and Andrew agree that she's perfect. Sydney then goes to cancel the next day's auditions. Then, Lauren comes in with coffee for everyone and says the audition line. Roger then changes his mind and calls Lauren "the total package." Zach and Andrew then tell the other that they have to tell Sydney that she's out.

Simon gets off the agency's elevator to see a barrage of St. Patrick's Day decorations around the office courtesy of Andrew's sisters. Andrew sees then tells them that the agency doesn't usually decorate for the holiday and that it's "taboo." One of them gropes Simon and we can see that he is slowly losing it. Simon then goes into his office and uses a robot to contact Sydney, who still thinks she's the new Krispy Kreme girl.

She's about to tell him the news when he tells her that Andrew's sisters are "a lot to take. They're a little groapy and you know I bruise like a Bartlett pear." Sydney then says that she can ask them to leave, but Simon replies that she can't do that because,"the only thing worse than family is other people's family." He then asks her what the good news is and she tells him that she's the new Krispy Kreme girl. One of Andrew's sister's hears this and then asks Sydney to sign the breast part of her shirt. Sydney agrees as Simon's robot retreats.

Zach and Andrew are fighting over which of them should tell Sydney when she hears them and asks them what she needs to be told. Before either of them can tell her, Lauren comes in and blurts out that she's the new Krispy Kreme girl. Zach and Andrew think that Sydney is going to be jealous, but she insists that she isn't and respects Roger's choice "to go another way." Lauren apologizes, but Sydney tells her that she's thrilled for her and Lauren is glad because she wanted to ask her advice since you "did all of those Brownies commercials." Zach and Andrew leave Sydney and Lauren alone whispering to each other that they're sure they're Will be a cat fight later.

Andrew's sisters start partying and drinking beer. Sydney tells Andrew and Zach that they need to move the party before the robot Simon sees it. Zach then tells the girls that he's going to "take you beautiful ladies out to celebrate Chicago-style!" The sisters all love the idea and one wants to go tell Simon. That's when Sydney tells them that Simon is an alcoholic. Then Zach tells them to go into the breakroom and they will meet them there. They agree and go. Once they're gone, Sydney, Zach and Andrew don't know what to do.

In the agency elevator, the next morning, Andrew tells Sydney what changes he has made to their charity float. Sydney marvels that he isn't hungover after all the drinking he did the previous night, but Andrew says that his family has a high alcohol tolerance. Sydney says that she's still hungover and "hoping for a quiet day" when they both hear Simon scream. He sees that the sisters have turned the stencil drawing of Simon over the elevators into a leprechaun with a pipe, red beard and a green hat. Andrew is notified, Sydney goes to find an aspirin and Simon asks Andrew to find Zach and meet him in his office. One of Andrew's sister's says that Zach is already in his office.

Zach is in Simon's office, taking a nap, not knowing that the sisters put dark black hangover makeup all around his eyes. He's mortified when he wakes up. One sister even shows him a video on her phone of his excessive drinking the night before. Simon is worried because they're supposed to pitch to "the Lady Razor ladies." Zach tells him that he'll be fine, but then apologizes and Simon asks what more could Andrew's sisters do?

Simon, Andrew and Zach then see that they've turned the agency into a toy boxing ring. Andrew then yells at them and says that "I never invited you to visit me where I work because you're an embarrassment, all of you. You have no social skills and can't even pick up on simple social cues." The sister's are insulted and say they're going to the bar and ask Andrew if he's coming. He yells that he isn't because he has to work.

Simon asks one employee, Blaine, to get rid of all things "St. Patrick's Day related" as soon as possible. Then he asks Lauren to take March 17 off of every calendar in the agency.

Sydney is giving Lauren advice on being the Krispy Kreme spokeswoman, telling her to eat lots of candy to stay happy.

Andrew then comes off the agency elevator screaming about where his float is. Blaine tells him that Simon told him to get rid of anything "St. Patrick's Day related." Andrew maintains that he didn't mean his float. Simon apologizes, but Andrew says the float was for a children's charity. Simon says they'll still give money, but then a kid on crutches comes into the agency asking when they'll be taking pictures on the float.

Simon then feels guilty until the kid says that he just broke his leg. Then more kids show up. Andrew then tells Simon that the charity is for an after school arts program for underprivileged children and then Kareem Abdul-Jabbar appears because he's a celebrity volunteer for the program. Simon is shocked to see him. Andrew then tells the kids that they won't be in the parade this year because "the man destroyed my float." Simon then backpedals saying the float isn't destroyed, it's just not finished yet. Simon and Andrew then leave to go to the "float cave."

Simon, Andrew and Sydney are working feverishly to build a new float with not much success. Then Zach and Lauren show up to tell them that Lauren was fired from being the Krispy Kreme spokeswoman because she took Sydney's advice and overdosed on candy. Sydney feels horrible that her advice backfired. Andrew then mumbles that "at least someone is taking responsibility for their actions." Simon asks him what he means and then they start bickering about Simon destroying Andrew's float and insisting on his sisters staying when he told him it was a bad idea, etc.

Andrew then says he doesn't understand why Simon hates St. Patrick's Day so much. Simon responds by saying that he "used to own St. Patrick's Day in this town. Not because of the drinking. I miss the camaraderie, you tell embarrassing stories then join a group of strangers in overturning a truck. It was kinda cool." Sydney then apologizes to Simon for making him feel left out. Then Andrew's sisters arrive. Simon begs then to help them with the float. Andrew says they will because, "they're great school teachers. Masters of the hastily thrown together art project." One of them then says that they're "all about the three G's...glue, glitter and gin. Let's hit the streets, if it's green, we want it!" Simon then whispers to Zach that he likes Andrew's sisters.

We then see everyone working tirelessly together to get the float done on time and everyone joking around with each other while putting it all together. Once it's done, it looks great and they're all sitting together telling stories. Andrew's sisters start to tell secrets about him. Andrew then praises his sisters for a job well done.

One of the sisters then asks Simon to divulge a secret. "I once French kissed Wolf Blitzer," he replies. Sydney then tells Lauren that she might have been jealous of her taking the spokeswoman job from her. Lauren replies that Sydney is her role model and they hug. Zach then asks if he "did it with Elaine?" [one of Andrew's sister's?] She replies that he'll never know. Simon says that this was the best St. Patrick's Day he's ever had.

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