Daily Wrap of All Things for March 5: Lea Michele, Facebook and Chipotle

By Samantha Ravenscroft,

Here’s our daily wrap of all things for Wednesday March 5th:

Lea Michele gave an interview with Seventeen Magazine, in which she admitted to being comfortable with her body. The confidence is rumored to come from her time on Broadway in Spring Awakening where she one scene required her to be naked. Michele’s comfort in her own skin isn’t going to result in her “run[ning] around naked” but it’s great to hear from a celebrity that they feel good with how they look.

In an attempt to make the Internet available around the world, Facebook is looking into buying Titan Aerospace. The company makes drones, which are cheaper than satellites, which would be able to fly 20 kilometers in the sir and survive there for five years running on solar power.

Due to climate change, Chipotle may be required to suspend serving some toppings and fillings. One of the possible exclusions off the menu is guacamole. Due to weather changes, price increases are a possibility, but it’s rumored that instead of paying more for the ingredients, they’ll just take them off the menu. Can you imagine a Chipotle burrito without guacamole?



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