'Dallas' recap: 'Lifting the Veil'

By Sari N. Kent,

We open on Christopher talking to Nicolas' wife, Lucia about his dealings with Cliff, the discrepancies in their dealings, what unfavorable things Eduardo Vega had to say about him and how Nicolas Trevino didn't exist before 1997. Lucia responds that Nicolas grew up an orphan on the streets and changed his name to become the generous man he is today. She then apologizes to Christopher for making the "fruitless trip. Because as you can see, my husband has nothing to hide." They shake hands and Christopher moves to leave, but not before telling Lucia that he "would have never guessed that Nicolas was married, judging from the way he conducts himself in Dallas. " Lucia then tells Christopher that her men will take him back to town. Meanwhile, Drew, Elena's brother, heard the whole exchange.

Pamela wakes up and looks at John Ross, who is still asleep. She wants to try again. He asks if there are "bad omens by not sleeping with your wife the morning of the wedding?" Pamela reminds him that they're already married. They start making out, but then his cell vibrates. She begs him not to answer it, but he does. It's his secretary saying that a meeting has been set up with the railroad commissioner...in an hour. John Ross tells Pamela that he has to take another rain check because Bobby shut down the drill site yesterday because of a chicken and he has to meet with the railroad commissioner to get around him. He promises to be back in time for the wedding.

Ann finds Sue Ellen downstairs. She tells Ann that she was right about John Ross and Emma sleeping together. She wants Ann's help to do something about it and wants Emma to.move out of Southfork. Ann tells her that it isn't that simple because since Harris got out of prison, the cartel could come after his family. "It's not safe for Emma to be anywhere but Southfork," Ann tells Sue Ellen. Ann then says that they will find another solution. Sue Ellen then tells Ann that she can't even look Pamela in the eye. "I Keep asking myself, would I have liked to have known about JR's cheating before it was too late?" Ann tells Sue Ellen that she can't tell Pamela. "Do you really want to publicly humiliate her?" Ann asks Sue Ellen.

Emma finds John Ross outside Southfork. He tells her that he noticed her "little stunt last night. Emma reigns ignorance, but John Ross tells her that her sick games need to stop. You may screw like a woman but you act like a pretentious brat." Emma then tells him to, "Go to hell" and walk away.

Emma finds Pamela inside and asks how John Ross like the lingerie? Pamela lies and says she decided to save it cor the honeymoon. Then, Sue Ellen comes in and says she wants to make everything perfect. Pamela assures her that having done it before, "this time, everything just feels right." Sue Ellen then asks if John Ross is around. Emma says that she saw him leave earlier and Pamela confirms that he had "some business to attend to." Sue Ellen then says that she will talk to him when he gets back. She then says she's going to check.on the chartered, but goes into the other room, takes a flask out of her bag and takes a big gulp.

Nicolas gets a call from Drew, who tells him that he didn't know that he was in Dallas and that Christopher came by the house the previous night. Nicolas asks if Christopher saw him. Freeways he hid because he was ashamed that he planted the bomb that killed his babies, but he did eavesdrop on Christopher and Lucia's conversation. Drew tells Nicolas that seeing Christopher reminded him of what he did and he's thinking of going back to Dallas and turning himself in. Nicolas tells Drew that it won't change anything and probably kill.his mother to see him.go back to jail.

Christopher returns home and Heather comments that it's nice that the Best Man made it back in time for the wedding. He replies That he didn't know that she was working the wedding. Helen then says that she's been waiting for him to ask her out. Helen walks away and then Bobby comes over and asks Christopher if the trip was successful. "You have no idea," he replies. Bobby then pulls him aside and Christopher tells Bobby that he spoke to.Nicolas' former partner, who told him that before 1997, Nicolas Trevino didn't exist. He then adds that according to his wife he changed his name to.leave behind his poverty-stricken childhood, but Christopher doesn't buy it and that his partner spent a decade searching and found no evidence of Nicolas' life before 1997 makes him even more suspicious. Bobby and Christopher agree that he's hiding something and that they need to find out who he was before 1997. Bobby then tells Christopher that Carlos del Sol is coming to the wedding and maybe he can help.

John Ross goes to the meeting with the railroad commissioner, but finds Harris instead. "Stanley Babcock is a personal friend of mine. When I heard he was meeting with you, I asked to take the meeting instead." He then tells John Ross to sit down because they had things to discuss. Harris tells John Ross that he know about Bobby blocking his cracking on Southfork and the Sierra Club investigation. He adds that because he's Stanley's friend he did him a favor by shutting down the investigation and allowing John Ross' permit to track on Southfork. John Ross then asks what Mitch wants in return. "Those files my daughter took from me I want back. All of them." John Ross doesn't think it's a fair trade, but says he'll let him have "one thing. Whatever you want most." Mitch replies, "The Orange Flash Drive, the one that looks like a grenade." John Ross fires back that it must be pretty important. Mitch then tells John Ross to take it to an address he gives him in one hour. Then, Mitch leaves. John Ross takes out his cell.

Back at Southfork, Pamela is getting her hair done. Her mother, Afton [played by Audrey Landers] is there along with Sue Ellen, Ann and Emma is there too. Afton thinks Pamela should wear her hair differently, but Sue Ellen interjects and says that the way Pamela planned on wearing it is perfect. Emma's cell vibrates and Sue Ellen sees that it's John Ross before Emma snatches it away. John Ross apologizes from what happened that morning and wants to talk. Emma says that it isn't a good time for her. John Ross begs her to meet him and to bring the Orange Flash Drive. He asks her to meet him outside his penthouse and he will explain everything. She agrees. Meanwhile, Sue Ellen has been watching. Ann asks Emma where she's going. She replies that it's a "quick errand" and that she'll be back. Afton then asks where John Ross is and questions Sue Ellen.

Bobby meets with Carlos del Sol. Then, Christopher arrives and he and Carlos hug. Carlos then says that Bobby has told him about their problems with Nicolas. Carlos says that he will reach out to his contacts and assures them both that if Nicolas has any secrets, he'll find them. They both thank him.

John Ross is waiting for Emma outside his penthouse. She arrives and apologizes again for his behavior that morning, but he does say he had a right to.be mad given what she did with Pamela. Emma says she "was getting sick.of watching you and Pamela fawn all over each other." John Ross reminds her that he's married and that she knew that when she started their affair. She replies that so did he and that he came to her asking her to steal her father's files and she did it for him. John Ross says that she did it for both of them, so she could put Harris back in prison and take over his company "and then we can help each other...as partners." He then asks for the Flash Drive so he can put Harris in prison for good this time. Emma says she didn't bring it. John Ross asks why and she replies, "Because I needed to.know how you really felt first. That I wasn't in this alone." John Ross tells her that she's not, he promises, tells her that he cares about her, but she has to stop pushing him away. Then, he kisses her. He then asks her to go get the Flash Drive and bring it back to him. She agrees. After she leaves, bis cell vibrates. It's Harris telling John Ross that "time is of the essence" and if he doesn't bring it to him, their deal.is off.

Guests are arriving for the wedding. Christopher sees Nicolas, who says that Elena invited him. He then asks Christopher about his trip to Mexico. Nicolas yells him.that if WANTRD to.know about him, all he had to do was ask. Christopher fires back that he wouldn't have gotten to.meet Nicolas' wife if he hadn't made the trip. Nicolas says he's glad and walks away. Then, Lucy [played by Charlene Tilton] and Ray [played by Steve Kanaly] wave down Christopher. They all hug. Ray comments that it's a shame JR wasn't there, but Christopher's attention is on Nicolas kissing Elena. Christopher then excuses himself.

John Ross goes to the address Harris gave him. There's a party going on inside and John Ross is led to Harris, who asks John Ross to follow him. He leads him to a room with closed circuit TV's and tells him to watch. He shows him footage of Stanley Babcock, the railroad commizsioner, being a little too friendly with his dog. Harris then says that he will.hold onto the footage while John Ross cuts a deal with Babcock to let him frack on Southfork. John Ross leaves and Harris watches as he goes to see Babcock.

At the wedding, Christopher tells Elena that he didn't know she was bringing Nicolas. She reminds him that she's getting close to him to gain information. He asks her if she knows that he's.married. she says that he's divorced, but Christopher tells she's wrong and seems comfortable "playing around with a married man." Elena insists that she's "playing" Nicolas, not the other way around, but Christopher says he doesn't see that and walks away.

John Ross back to see Harris, who asks him if he got what he wanted. John Ross says that Babcock "was more than agreeable." John Ross then asks for the disc as insurance in case Babcock backs out. Harris says he'll give him.the disc in exchange for the Flash Drive. John Ross says that it's on its way. Harris gets angry because John Ross said he had it. Harris then says they will wait.

Pamela leaves John Ross a voicemail that the wedding is in 20 minutes and begs him to call her back.

Emma meets Bum, who asks her if she brought what John Ross asked for. She gives Bum the Orange Flash Drive. She then says she hopes John Ross doesn't miss the wedding and drives off.

At Southfork, Afton is asking how John Ross could do this to Pamela and then says, "I guess the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree." Acton then says she thought Sue Ellen would have taught John Ross better given all the despicable things JR did. Sue Ellen fires back that, "The most despicable thing JR ever did was you." Afton then goes after Sue Ellen, but Ann stops the exchange. Sue Ellen then leaves the room, takes out the flask from her purse and takes a big swig.

Harris asks John Ross about getting married and cutting it close. John Ross replies That he has plenty of time. Harris offers John Ross some female companionship while they wait, he declines but they won't take no for an answer. Luckily, he's informed that Bum has arrived and escapes the ladies. He asks Bum.if he made a copy of the drive like he asked. Bum says he did, but it just looks like vacation pictures any info on it is encrypted. John Ross tells Bum to decrypt the drive and quick. John Ross then gives Harris the Flash Drive and asks circumscribed, but Harris wants to check the Flash Drive first.

At the wedding, Afton is consoling Pamela and Ray tells Christopher that he's heard that John Ross is nowhere to be found and asks if he know where he is. Christopher says that he doesn't.

Harris sees the Flash drive is genuine with the CIA encrypted files and gives John Ross the disc. He wishes John Ross luck with the wedding and adds, "if you know what's good for you, you'll stop sleeping with my daughter." Then, John Ross leaves.

At the wedding, Elena tells Nicolas that Christopher spoke to.his wife in Mexico. Nicolas says that Christopher "got the wrong impression. We agreed to a divorce a few months ago and the papers haven't been signed yet because the lawyers haven't reached a settlement yet." He swears on the lives of his children that he's telling the truth. Elena replies That he's still technically married. He says yes and that he respects Lucia, that she's the mother of his children, "but my heart is not with her anymore. In many ways, it never was. It was always with you." Elena then gently.kisses him.

John Ross is getting ready when Sue Ellen comes in and tells him that they need to talk. He apologized for being late and tells her that he has the railroad commissioner in his pocket. Sue Ellen then bluntly tells John Ross that she knows he's sleeping with Emma. She adds that she hoped he wouldn't make the same mistakes as his father. John Ross tells her that she doesn't understand what he's doing or why then says that Pamela doesn't need to.know, that it doesn't change how he feels about her and that he loves her "and it's just business." Sue Ellen says he's acting just like JR did, explaining away his infidelity. "I won't stand by and watch you destroy Pamela like JR destroyed me," Sue Ellen tells John Ross, who asks if he smells alcohol.on her breath. He replies That her drinking is making her forget her loyalties. Sue Ellen tells John Ross to stop.or she'll tell Pamela. "You've looked the other way your whole life, Mama. One more time's not gonna hurt." Then, John Ross leaves.

John Ross knocks on Pamela's door. Afton calls him a "son of a bit*h." He then asks for one minute alone with Pamela to explain. Afton smacks him upside the head before she leaves. Pamela reminds him that he promised he would be there. He apologizes and asks to "understand what I did for us. So, I can get you everything you deserve." "My father used the sane explanation everytime he didn't show up for me," Pamela retorts. She adds that "everything he did, he did for himself to satisfy his endless need for power and success. John Ross says that he will.ALWAYS show up for her and wants her to believe that. "We are meant for each other and I mean that with every soul.in my being," he tells Pamela and says he'll prove it to her if she gives him the chance. "Will you?"

Next, we see Bobby walking Pamela down the aisle. Emma looks unhappy. Sue Ellen looks like a statue.

At the evening reception, John Ross tells Bobby at the bar that the chickens will no.longer be stopping him.from.drilling on Southfork. Bobby asks why and John Ross says that Babcock is shutting down the investigation and issuing bis permit immediately. Bobby replies at he's getting more and more like his father everyday, "but, he never drilled this ranch and mark my words, neither will you" and walks away.

Bobby goes inside and hears on the phone to Babcock that "the decision has already been made." Bobby is livid that he wasn't told. Sue Ellen comes in and Bobby tells her what John Ross did and he doesn't have a way to stop him from drilling on Southfork. Sue Ellen fires back that she does!

John Ross and Pamela drive away in a black corvette with "Just Married" sprayed all.over it.

Heather finds Christopher at the stables. He asks her if she's off duty, then kisses her. "Good things really do come to those who wait," Heathe says. "Maybe," Christopher replies. She starts undressing him.

John Ross and Pamela make love. Heather and Christopher as well as Elena and Nicolas.

Nicolas goes back to.bis penthouse and finds Lucia waiting. He asks her what she's doing in Dallas. She says she wanted to talk in person. He asks if it's about the settlement. Lucia then says she wants to stay in the marriage. She wants to give it another try for their children. He replies That he's made it very clear how he feels. Lucia threatens to tell the Swings who he really is if he doesn't do what she wants. He replies, "That would only hurt both of us." Lucia replies That it would also put an end to what he has with Elena. Nicolas then agrees to give their marriage another try...for their children.

Harris goes to see Judith, but switches Flash Drives beforehand. She knows John Ross gave him what he wanted. He gives her the fake Flash Drive and eays it's a log of all of the transfers he made for the cartel. She asks his plan to get the rest of the files. He thinks Emma not John Ross is holding on go them. He adds that John Ross is still dangerous and controlling Emma and they need to break them up. He then he says that he has something that will accomplish that and takes out a folder. He gives it to Judith, who.opens it. It's pictures of John Ross with those two girls at the party. She asks how the pictures will.keep Emma away from John Ross. Harris says the girl in the picture is only 16 years old and holds up her dress and reminds Judith how Monica Lewinsky kept a certain dress from her time with the President. Judith can't shine how Harris is going to get "the substance" he nerds. He then opens the door and John Ross' secretary enters.

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