Danish zoo that killed, dismembered giraffe kills four lions

By Kyle Johnson,

The Denmark zoo that killed a giraffe back in February returned to the news on Tuesday after having to put down four lions.

According to the Copenhagen Zoo, the four lions - two parents and their 10-month-old cubs - had to be euthanized because of a new male cub that needed to be added to the enclosure, reports The Telegraph.

Zookeepers say the two young cubs "would have been killed by the new male lion as soon as he got the chance."

The cubs were also not old enough to fend for themselves and the two parents were quite old and near the end of their natural lives in captivity, according to BBC News. The male lion was 16 years old and the female was 14.

The zoo insists it searched for another home for the young male cubs, but found no one to take them in. The plan is to introduce the new male cub to two female lions currently at breeding age.

The zoo sparked outrage back in February after killing and dismembering a giraffe in an effort to avoid inbreeding and keep a healthy breeding population.

Though the zookeepers dissected the giraffe in public, they will not be doing the same for the lions.



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