David Furnish talks about importance of teaching sons that families come in different forms

By Gina DiFalco,

David Furnish is opening up about the important conversations he and Elton John have with their oldest son, Zachary, 3, about families coming in all different forms.

Their second son, Elijah, is too young to understand at only 16 months old but now that Zachary is in pre-nursery school, he’s exposed to all different kinds of families.

"Our oldest is just starting to get his head around daddy and a papa, and not a mommy and a daddy, because he just started to go to pre-nursery school with other kids," Furnish told People.

He added, "He's learning about the mixture of different families. We read books to him that really celebrate the diversity of families in society today. We want to make sure that our boys realize that there are all different kinds of families and all families are great."

Furnish also confirmed that they will take advantage of England legalizing same-sex marriage and get married in a private ceremony this May. They entered into a civil partnership eight years ago, but Furnish explained they want to “live by example.”

Since John is performing at Las Vegas’ Caesars Palace, they’re not in their home country of the UK but if they were, Furnish said they would’ve already been married by now.

"Elton's on this side of the world for his [Las Vegas residency show], and we're not in the U.K. Had we been in the U.K., we would have done it this weekend, absolutely," he said.



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