Dead man wakes up in body bag

By Holly R. Bogardus ,

In Mississippi, a man was found alive in his body bag hours after being pronounced dead as funeral workers were preparing to embalm him.

Walter Williams, 78, of Lexington, Mississippi was pronounced dead at 9 p.m. on Wednesday night. Daily Mail reported that the man's nephew, Eddie Hester, watched as his uncle was placed in a body bag at 10:30p.m. soon after.

It was at 2:30 a.m. the following morning that Hester received the call from his cousin, William’s son. “Daddy’s still here,” his cousin was reported to say, according to Daily Mail.

Walter Williams was found struggling to get out of his body bag that was on top of a small trolley. Williams was rushed to Holmes County Hospital, where paramedics and doctors were able to get him to stable condition.

As of Friday, Williams is breathing without the aid of a respirator, but is too weak to talk. His family is overjoyed and looking forward to the time they still have left with him.

The coroner believes Williams' pacemaker may have stopped working, and then re-started itself, reports Time. This could explain his pulse stopping the night before.

Daily Mail reported that Brian Porter, manager of the Lexington funeral home, claims he had never seen anything like it and said the incident was a ‘miracle.’



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