Dean Winters tapped for Vince Gilligan's 'Battle Creek'

By Kyle Johnson,

Dean Winters, from Oz and the "Mayhem" Allstate commercials, has been cast to play one of the two leads in the upcoming CBS drama Battle Creek.

Winters, also from 30 Rock, will play Detective Russ Agnew in the 13-episode series from David Shore and Vince Gilligan. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the second lead role still remains uncast.

Agnew is said to be a detective that no one really wants to work alongside because of his impatient and tough demeanor.

Battle Creek will follow Agnew and an FBI agent named Milton who end up working together, despite differing thoughts and views. They are tasked with trying to Battle Creek, Mich. cleaned up.

As previously reported, Kal Penn signed on for a role in the show. Penn, who previously worked on Shore's House, will play a key role, but no more has been revealed.

Battle Creek is based upon a spec script Gilligan wrote 12 years ago and the plan is for the show to premiere in the next TV season as CBS already put in a series commitment from the Breaking Bad creator.

image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons



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