Death toll from Washington landslides is at least 14, 176 still missing

By Rebecca Walezak,

After Saturday’s massive landslide in Washington, at least 14 people have been confirmed dead and 176 remain missing.

According to KING-TV in Seattle, the landslide was 1-square-mile and left many critically injured. At least 30 homes were completely destroyed in the landslide.

In a press conference on Monday, John Pennington, Snohomish County’s Emergency Management Director, reminded the public that the missing people list may have duplicate names in it, so it may not actually be the near 200 people that it lists as missing. Among the missing people are residents, road workers and people driving through the area.

"People know that this is a landslide-prone area,” Pennington said. “Sometimes big events just happen. Sometimes large events that nobody sees happens. And this event happened, and I want to find out why. I don’t have those answers right now.”

Reuters reports that the bad weather has slowed down the search for the missing people, but a slight break in the wet weather Tuesday was very helpful.



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