Debris found in ocean suspected to be part of the Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 door

By Rebecca Walezak,

Authorities out of Vietnam believe they have found the door to the missing Malaysian Airlines jet.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 went missing early Saturday morning after losing contact with the control center. The flight, which was headed to Beijing, is suspected to have crashed into the ocean after oil spills were found where the craft lost contact. According to Associated Press, Vietnamese aircrafts, which have been searching the waters, found the door in the same area as the oil spills.

At this time, Malaysia has not confirmed the oil spills or any debris found in the area to be from Flight 370. However, it is suspected that the plane crashed while at cruising levels, and the moments leading up to the jet going missing remains a mystery.

According to the Wall Street Journal, it was too dark for Vietnamese aircrafts to get close enough to the objects for further research. The search will again resume Monday.

After reviewing the passenger list, some believe that this may have been an act of terror. At least two of the passengers on board were using stolen passports.

image: Wikimedia Commons



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