Devyani Khobragade re-indicted on U.S. visa fraud charges

By Kyle Johnson,

On Friday, Devyani Khobragade was re-indicted on U.S. visa fraud charges just days after the original indictment was dismissed.

The new indictment came only two days after the first one was dismissed as the judge in the case ruled that Khobragade still had immunity at the time its issue.

Prosecutors in the case tried to argue that when she was arrested, she did not have immunity, nor when she was allowed to leave the country. Though the judge dismissed the indictment, she did leave the door open to the possibility of another indictment being filed since the diplomat no longer had immunity.

The Associated Press reports that prosecutors did just that on Friday, despite Khobragade's lawyer, Daniel Arschack, commenting earlier that doing so "might be viewed an aggressive act and one that (prosecutors) would be ill-advised to pursue."

The new indictment also, ultimately, might mean little as she remains in India and has little incentive to return to the U.S.

Her arrest on visa fraud charges and allegedly paying her housekeeper way below minimum wage sparked outrage in India after it was learned she had been strip-searched and many believe that the housekeeper is merely trying to blackmail Khobragade.



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