'Divergent' has large following on social media with opening weekend

By Chelsea Lewis ,

Divergent has been impressing audiences and delivering at the box office making over $56 million during its opening weekend but the film really impressed on social media networks worldwide.

The film currently has over 1 million likes on Facebook and the trailer for the movie saw an increase on live streaming before opening weekend, Variety reported.

The popularity on Instagram and Twitter for the film was also impressive. Divergent has 179,000 followers on Twitter and 156,000 followers on Instagram.

The movie which stars Shailene Woodley, was one of the first to use the new premium video ads on Facebook. In these ads a short video begins to play automatically, with audio, before a user clicks on it.

Divergent also had more Facebook likes than Catching Fire which was the sequel to the widely popular Hunger Games. Even though Catching Fire did better at the box office opening weekend with $161.1 million, Divergent was stronger on social media.

Divergent was not able to top popular films like Twilight which made $70 million opening weekend or The Hunger Games which came in with around $153 million, USA Today reported. This film did prove that the popular teenage novel to film adaptation is still working.

Watch the trailer for Divergent here:

Image from ABC



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