DJ Tiesto, a popular dance DJ, cancels a show in Caracas

By Marcina Zaccaria ,

Dutch DJ Tiesto, a popular dance music DJ, said that he is canceling a show in Caracas, Venezuela because “it’s no time to party.” The popular DJ said that he’s always played shows in Venezuela and will reschedule soon.

DJ Tiesto’s name was originally Tijs Michiel Verwest. His show was set to be scheduled for April 4 at the Metropolitan University in the capital city of Caracas. DJ Tiesto also bowed out of the Ultra Music Festival from March 28-30, according to the Hollywood Life.

Tiesto was rushed to the hospital after a show in San Jose, Calif. on March 21. The DJ was set to play at the Electric Bounce House festival, and he collapsed on stage right before his set. Paramedics thought it was best to take Tiesto to the hospital after taking a look at this head injury. Fans were not certain why the DJ was taken off the stage.

According to the Associated Press, Forbes reported that Tiesto is the world’s highest paid DJ and earns about $250,000 for a three-hour set.



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