Drew Carey and Craig Ferguson to swap jobs on April Fools' Day

By Marie Blake,

If you go to watch The Price is Right on April 1 and you find Craig Ferguson instead of Drew Carey, don't panic. It was planned.

The Wrap reports that Carey and Ferguson will exchange hosting jobs for April Fools' Day.

Carey will take over The Late Late Show in the early hours of April 1. His Price is Right announcer, George Gray, as well as the models, will join Carey in his hosting swap.

Carey will interview comedian Carl Reiner, writer Connie Schultz, as well as Joan Jett, who is also scheduled to perform with The Blackhearts.

Ferguson, who will be the fourth person to host Price is Right, will bring along his skeleton announcer, Geoff Peterson, as well as his horse, Secretariat as models.

USA Today reports that both Carey and Ferguson starred on the sitcom, The Drew Carey Show back in 1995.

Ferguson joked about his fear of being bombarded by excited contestants.

"They come at you fast. You've got to move," Ferguson said. "I was scared."

The two offered each other some advice before the swap.

"I'll give you the same advice Bob gave me," Carey Said. "You've got to be yourself. Make it your own show."

"And I'll give you the advice Peter Lassally, the guru of late night, gave me," Ferguson siad. "Don't be too Scottish."

The swap begins with Carey hosting The Late Late Show, April 1 at 12:37 a.m., the Ferguson will host The Price is Right later that day.

Image courtesy of CBS



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