Drug company refuses to provide experimental drug to dying child

By Kyle Johnson,

A drug company has announced that it will not provide an experimental drug to a dying boy out of fear that it could hurt the chances of the drug being approved.

Josh Hardy, 7, developed an adenovirus while recovering from a bone marrow transplant, which was able to hurt Hardy due to his weakened immune system, reports CNN. The boy has survived cancer in his bone marrow, lung and thymus. After giving Hardy an antiviral, it damaged his kidneys.

The doctor then suggested brincidofovir, which is an experimental drug that could possibly help the 7-year-old. As the drug is not currently on the market and still being tested, the family petitioned the Food and Drug Administration to grant them compassionate use, which would allow them to use brincidofovir.

Though the company, Chimerix, had allowed the drug to be used in compassionate use cases until 2012, it has denied Hardy's family over worries that if the boy dies while on their drug, even if not at fault, it could jeopardize its eventual approval.

According to WTVR, Chimerix released a statement noting, "This is one of hundreds of requests that Chimerix has received" for the drug.

"Providing Brincidofovir in any of these situations where there is currently limited evidence to suggest that Brincidofovir would be helpful, could very likely place the entire development program at risk."

The family continues to beg the company to change its mind and has rallied many through social media to their cause.



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