Dutch Beer ad features a relaxed Kurt Cobain relaxing on an island next to John Lennon

By Alyssa Ladzinski,
Deceased celebrities appear in a commercial for Bavaria's tropical beer

Bavaria, a Dutch brewing company, released an ad for a fruity beer called Radler, which leaves viewers shocked to see deceased celebrities enjoying a casual drink in tropical paradise.

The commercial features an elderly Elvis Presley blowing up a water raft while Marilyn Monroe lends a helping hand to Tupac Shakur by applying lotion to his stomach.

Kurt Cobain and John Lennon are sprawled out on beach chairs but amidst all of the serene relaxation, Bruce Lee sees a ship coming toward the island. This means the celebrities must stop the flow of their beers and seek shelter in their secret spot, as seen in the commercial.

The unlikely group almost has their cover blown when Presley’s pot-belly sticks out past a palm tree. Cobain even lets out a disgusted fake throw up motion when Monroe’s classic white dress flies up in the wind, as reported by Rolling Stone.

The idea for the commercial is brilliant since pop culture loves to joke that deceased celebrities are actually alive and living on a secluded island. The commercial could cause some controversy, but some of the physical appearances are just uncanny—that is for the age they are supposed to be if they were alive today.

Watch John Lennon say "Hey Jude" in the commercial with fake celebrities here:



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