Dwarf planet discovered in solar system, nicknamed 'Biden'

By Kyle Johnson,

A dwarf planet far past Pluto was discovered in the solar system and astronomers have labeled it 2012 VP113, but also gave it the nickname Biden, simply because of the label vp.

The planet-like object was spotted some seven billion miles away from the sun by astronomers Scott Sheppard and Chad Trujillo, reports The Washington Post. Sheppard is from the Carnegie Institution for Science in Washington and Trujillo works at the Gemini Observatory in Hawaii.

Their findings will be published in the upcoming Thursday edition of the journal Nature. Trujillo said, "It goes to show that there's something we don't know about our solar system, and it's something important." He noted that the discovery provides more information about the outer edge of the solar system.

2012 VP113 is only 280 miles in diameter and features a temperature of minus 430 degrees Fahrenheit. They aren't sure what the dwarf planet is made of yet, but believe it likely is covered in ice.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the discovery shows that there is an indeed an "inner Oort Cloud," with likely other rocky objects hidden out there.

Sheppard said, "We had high hopes, and our hopes were confirmed." It was believed that after the discovery of another planet-like object, Sedna, there might be objects between the Kuiper belt, where Pluto is, and the Oort Cloud.



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