Ebola reaches Guinea's capital, at least 70 dead from virus

By Kyle Johnson,

The Ebola virus has reached Guinea's capital city health officials said on Friday and the death toll for the outbreak has reached 70.

Health ministry spokesman Dr. Sakoba Keita announced that the deadly virus had reached Conakry after eight cases were discovered, reports The Associated Press. It's only been about a week since the outbreak began, but already 70 people have died Keita said.

The cases discovered in the capital city involve people who handled the bodies of previous patients. Officials are trying to quickly find anyone involved in the burials of those who died of the virus to try and prevent the spread.

According to Reuters, the city of Conakry has about 3 million residents, many of whom live in tightly packed areas, which is worrisome when it comes to preventing the Ebola virus from spreading further.

The southern portion of the country has been hit with the virus, with about 111 suspected cases being investigated.

Doctors Without Borders emergency coordinator Mariano Lugli said, "Families have been decimated. when you go into rural areas, especially Gueckedou, you see villages where there are lots of people infected."

Ebola is an extremely infection virus with an up to 90 percent mortality rate that causes high, hemorrhagic fevers in those infected. In Guinea, about 64 percent of those who contracted Ebola have died.



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