Erica Campbell releases her solo album, ‘Help’

By Marcina Zaccaria ,

Gospel singer Erica Campbell has decided to embark on a solo career. Her new album, Help, is due out on March 25.

Campbell opens up about her music and her solo career to the Associated Press. The singer feels free to mention her newest effort on her popular reality television series on WE Tv.

Campbell recently performed on the album Duets, Donnie McClurkin’s latest album. On the record, she performs with her sister Tina.

Erica, 41, is two years older than Tina, the other member of Mary Mary. According to the Associated Press, Erica stated, "I did quite a few Mary Mary dates by myself. I did dates where they initially wanted Mary Mary. When you do that for so long, you build up this thing where I'm getting used to this. I was enjoying it."

The new album is arriving with a bit of controversy. A photo that she posted after her performance on the Grammy Awards was frowned upon by some members of the Gospel community, which makes up a large portion of her fan base. After performing “A Little More Jesus” at the Grammy Awards, her form-fitting attire drew strong words from her critics, according to The Huffington Post.



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