Eva Longoria wouldn’t have a child by herself

By Amy Michura,

In an interview with Parade, Eva Longoria opens up about her future in regard to family plans and projects she’s working on.

While Longoria opened up about loving the idea of having children, don’t expect to see her toting a child on her own.

“I’ve always wanted a family,” the actress told Parade. “I believe in family. But children are a product of love. So I don’t think I’ll go off and have a baby by myself. I do not have that need to procreate.”

According to E! News, despite the actress getting older and just celebrating her 39th birthday, the actress states that aging isn’t something she stresses about and that she would “never want to repeat” her 20s.

“I welcome age with open arms because I want to evolve as a human being, gain more wisdom,” Longoria said. “I have so much more to do! And the only way you do that is with age.”

One thing Longoria could see clearly in her future is doing more charity work. She explained to Parade exactly what inspires her to volunteer - her sister Liza.

“Because of my sister Liza having a disability. Anytime there was a program [for her] in our community, we utilized it,” Longoria explained. Liza, her sister, is mentally challenged. “But at the same time, we had to give back so we’d all volunteer. I knew the word volunteer at a very, very young age.”

She discusses more about her work volunteering and her work with the Eva Longoria Foundation in Sunday’s issue of Parade.



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