Extra host Maria Menounos opens up about her 40-pound weight loss

By Alesandria Posada,

Extra host, Maria Menounos, opens up about her 40-pound weight loss in a cover interview with Ladies Home Journal magazine.

The 35-year-old grew up in a health conscious family where meals consisted of lentils, vegetables and fruit for dessert, according to E! News. Menounos’ father had type 1 diabetes and her mother raised her on a Mediterranean diet.

Things changed when she got a job at a doughnut shop in high school and by her early 20s, the host was a size 14 and had gained 40 pounds.

“I felt sick and lethargic. I wanted to nap all the time," she said.

Menounos created her own diet because she was “tired of feeling tired” and dropped 40 pounds within a year.

The newly-thin brunette moved to California where her television career quickly took off, but she found herself with poor eating habits again despite the maintenance of her thin frame.

"Just because you're thinner doesn't mean you're healthier. I made it my mission to figure out the very best ways to control my weight and be healthy at the same time."

Menounos new book, The Everygirl’s Guide to Diet and Fitness, is set to come out in April, according to the Daily Mail. Her new reality show, Chasing Maria Menounos, airs March 18 on the Oxygen channel.

Photo courtesy of ABC



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