Family of five now homeless after getting robbed while moving

By Michelle Kapusta,

A family of five is now living in their car after they were robbed of all their belongings while in the process of moving from Idaho to Washington State.

According to KATU, Bruce Davis and his family pulled into a Portland, Ore., motel on the night of March 5 with everything they owned in a roof-rack on top of their Chevy. When they awoke the next morning, everything was gone.

The family said they lost everything, including cash for a deposit on a rental home.

The New York Daily News reported that the family also has five dogs that they must squeeze into the car with them.

The Davis family had no choice but to beg for money. So Bruce Davis and his sons were forced to take to a highway with signs begging for cash.

The family originally made the move so that the patriarch could attend culinary school.

"I'm a chef. I'm one of the best chefs in the world," he said, while standing along the off-ramp to I-205.

Some nights the family sleeps in the car and other nights in a tent behind a church.



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