'Family Guy' recap: 3 Acts of God

By Victoria Greene,

This week’s episode of Family Guy did not follow its usual double storyline model.

The episode begins with the Griffins at a Patriots game, joined by Quagmire, Joe, and Cleveland. Cleveland explains that he is in Rhode Island for a haircut, but still joins the others at the game.

As they watch the game, it seems as though the Patriots will take the win, but they fumble the ball and the Buffalo Bills end up claiming the victory.

After the game, the group convenes at The Drunken Clam, their local bar, and talk about how disappointed they are that the Patriots have lost when the post game show comes on the bar’s television. As the players from the Bills speak, each of them thanks God, attributing their win to him.

While watching this interview, Peter comes to the conclusion that God must hate the Patriots and makes them lose as every time another team beats the Patriots they thank God.

With Peter’s friends agreeing to his theory, the four set out to literally find God because they are tired of him "ruining their Sundays with both church and bad football."

They first head to church, but there is a funeral for a baby being held, so they decide to go see Carrie Underwood in Nashville, Tennessee. Underwood accredited her success to God in a newspaper the group read, so they set off with the intention of getting God’s address from her.

After Underwood states that God is "everywhere," Joe concludes that she doesn’t know where God is and the group leaves and decides to set off on a worldwide search, stopping in Greece, Jerusalem, India.

Unable to find God in any of the places they travel to, Peter, Joe, Quagmire, and Cleveland decide to head back to Quahog and get together at The Drunken Clam.

While at the bar, Death, who appears as the Grim Reaper, appears and says he is there for Cleveland, alluding to the show’s recent cancellation.

Seeing Death, Peter comes to the conclusion that Death works closely with God and asks that Death take them to God.

When the four get to Heaven, they are surprised to see it looks like a beach resort, but God meets with them immediately and Peter gets down to business immediately. He tells God to stop messing with the Patriots.

God laughs in disbelief and asks Peter if he really believes God has time to care about football games when there are people dying in Africa. When Cleveland asks God if he’s going to do something about the people dying in Africa, God replies that while he’s "pretty upset" about people dying in Africa, he’s not going to do anything about it.

After God somewhat admits that he causes the Patriots to lose, Peter gives a heartwarming speech about why God should allow the Patriots to win.

God tells the group that it has nothing to do with the Patriots or their fans, but Bill Belichick. Because God has given Belichick three Super Bowl wins and Belichick has never smiled once, not even at home, it has rubbed God the wrong way. However, God tells Peter and his friends that if they can get Bill Belichick to smile, he will let the Patriots win again.

Immediately, Peter, Joe, Quagmire, and Cleveland set off to make Belichick smile, but their attempts are fruitless. When Belichick asks them to leave, the group sadly gives up and Peter says it’s time to go anyway because it’s time for Joe’s dialysis.

As Peter describes Joe’s treatment, Belichick releases a soft, monotonous sound, which is revealed to be a laugh. Peter tells Joe to tell Belichick more about his "sad life" and after a few stories, Belichick smiles.

The group returns to Heaven and God agrees to leave the Patriots alone.

Pleased by God’s decision, Peter gives him a noogie, but God freaks out and Death reveals that God is mildly autistic and cannot be touched on the head.

When Peter returns home, Lois says she doesn’t understand why Peter would go through the trouble to find God and only ask for one thing. Peter says he asked for one other thing and at that moment, his daughter, Meg, begins to disappear and Peter urges everyone not to look at her, saying she’ll be gone in just a moment.

Image: Wikimedia Commons



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