FBI offers $20,000 reward for information, return of missing Mississippi 2-year-old girl

By Kyle Johnson,

The FBI has decided to reach out to the public after two weeks of fruitless searching and is offering up a reward of $20,000 for information or the return of a 2-year-old girl from Mississippi.

Myra Lewis was last seen on March 1 outside of her family's Camden home where she was with her sister, reports CNN.

According to an FBI press release, Lewis was wearing white colored pants and a turquoise sweater, which featured the picture of a teddy bear. She is said to weigh about 27 pounds and be about 37 inches tall.

The FBI also noted that a massive search has been conducted and involved search teams looking both from the ground and the air.

Fox News reports the family believes that Lewis was kidnapped, though authorities haven't ruled any other possibility out yet.

Madison County Sheriff Randy Tucker spoke with reporters and noted that the search is still been conducted with the assumption she is alive. "I don't have any reason to suggest otherwise, and I'm an optimistic person. I sincerely believe that in my heart."

The Sheriff also noted that the arrest of Lewis' mother, Ericka, was because she had violated her probation as well as being found with a firearm despite being a convicted felon, and not because of the missing girl.



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