FCC approves move to speed up Wi-FI

By Kyle Johnson,

The Federal Communications Commission approved a move that will allow Wi-Fi speeds to improve up to one gigabit or faster.

According to CNET, the FCC unanimously approved an increase of 100 MHz in the 5GHz wireless spectrum for unlicensed use.

The move will help consumers at home, but was primarily made to help improve wireless Internet access in public places where huge crowds of people tend to gather.

Previously the now-opened up portion of the wireless spectrum was only available for Globalstar, reports PCWorld. The company, which used the spectrum for its satellite services, originally was concerned opening up the spectrum could lead to interference, but later said they would support the change, so long as Globalstar's service continued to be protected.

Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel said, "This change will have real impact, because we are doubling the unlicensed bandwidth in the 5 GHz band overnight."

She added that the move was not simply meant to speed up Wi-Fi Internet access. "It is the power of setting aside more of our airwaves for experiment and innovation without license. It is bound to yield new and exciting developments."



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