Felicity Huffman returning to ABC in upcoming 'American Crime’

By Chelsea Lewis ,

Felicity Huffman, who spent many years on ABC with the hit drama, Desperate Housewives, will be returning to the network in a new upcoming drama, American Crime.

Huffman just closed a deal to play the first female lead in Crime. She will be working alongside Timothy Hutton in the drama, Digital Spy added.

John Ridley, who is known for his work on 12 Years a Slave, is behind American Crime. Ridley will be writing and executive producing the project, Deadline reported.

Crime will be telling the story of a murder which is racially charged. A war veteran has been murdered and the story of its subsequent trial will be told. The trail will be looked through the eyes of different characters and each episode will tell the story through the personal lives of the people that have been impacted by this murder and trial.

Huffman will be playing Barb Skokie. She will be Russ' ex-wife and the mother of the person who was murdered. Her character raised her family alone while her husband was off gambling. Her character wants answers surrounding the murder and follows the trial closely to get answers.

image: Wikimedia Commons



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