Fingerless man pursues passion for darts

By Morgan Cox,

Wayne Chapman, a man from Northwest Calgary, Canada, is not only known because of his dart throwing skills, but also the fact that he doesn't have any fingers. Chapman, who was also born without eyesight in one eye, has overcome these challenges to be ranked No. 30 in darts in Alberta.

According to CTV News, Chapman was left in the cold during a work trip, which resulted in his fingers getting so frostbitten that he had to have all 10 of them amputated.

Chapman explained that the loss of his fingers didn't stop him from doing his job at a tire shop.

"Well, I’ve done it with fingers and without cause I lost them 12 years ago. But other than that, I think it’s easier without fingers," he said.

Besides working at the tire shop, dart throwing is something Chapman has a passion for. He certainly does not let his amputation get in the way of his hobby or his work.

Yahoo! News notes that Chapman went through a period of adjusting to new techniques until he finally found one that worked well for him.

"Everybody thinks that I, you know, gotta hold it a different way or whatever, but it’s like that," he said. "And I mean everybody else pushes with fingertips. I just kinda let it fly."

Chapman's friends are confident that he will make his way up the sport's ranks. Chapman explained that it's not his amputation keeping him from climbing up the ranks, but the travel expenses and entrance fees. The dart champion says that his biggest challenge is within the darts.



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