Five bodies discovered in wreckage of Colorado plane crash

By Kyle Johnson,

Authorities were able to confirm that five bodies were in the wreckage of the plane that crashed during the weekend in Colorado.

The single-engine plane was found in a southwestern Colorado reservoir and was discovered 60 feet underwater, reports The Associated Press. The bodies will not be removed until the plane is pulled to shore.
The plane was also in about three feet of silt, Ouray County spokeswoman Marti Whitmore said.

The plane was headed for Montrose, but crashed in the Ridgeway Reservoir, though the cause has yet to be determined. The wreckage won't get pulled from the reservoir until Wednesday.

Witnesses said they saw the plan spinning when it came out of the clouds, which is consistent to what the pilot said when he last called in before the crash.

On Sunday, the Sheriff's Office said that initial recovery efforts into the plane were "focused on accurately locating the fuselage and evaluating logistical needs to recover the victims and the fuselage," according to ABC 7.

Though the names of the victims haven't been released, the plane is registered in Alabama, so a candlelight vigil was held in Gadsden on Sunday evening.



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