Flappy Bird creator is considering bringing popular game app back

By Daniel S Levine,

When Dong Nguyen decided to pull his popular and addicting game Flappy Bird off app stores, he shocked the world with his decision. Now, he said in a new interview that he’s considering reviving the game.

The game was posted on Apple’s App Store last May for free, with Nguyen making his money from the in-game advertisements. After the game’s popularity skyrocketed earlier this year, he eventually decided to pull it down, explaining that he thought it was too addictive.

Nguyen sat down for an interview with Rolling Stone to discuss his childhood and how he started working with computers.

According to The Telegraph, he told the magazine that he is “considering” bringing the game back. However, he is relieved that he did pull it, adding, “I can't go back to my life before, but I'm good now.”

He said that his co-workers thought he was crazy for pulling the game at the height of its success. “At first I thought they were just joking, but I realize they really hurt themselves,” he said.

Nguyen explained that he’s “master of my own fate” and an “independent thinker.”

If the game does come back, he will make one major change. There will be a warning for players that reads, “Please take a break.”

Nguyen did tell Rolling Stone that he plans on making three more games, with the first available this month.

image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons



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