Florida armed robber apprehended

By Victoria Greene,

The man who posed as a UPS worker and committed an armed robbery in Florida has been apprehended.

Allen Perez, 28, attempted to rob Marie Jean Pierre on February 27, using the guise of a delivery person to gain the woman’s trust. After she opened the door to sign for her supposed package, Perez tried to force his way into the woman’s home, but she pushed him away, according to The Broward Sheriff’s Office.

The incident might have ended there had Perez not seen Pierre’s neighbor, 44-year-old Claudia Kretzer who came out of her apartment at Pierre’s scream. The Broward Sheriff’s Office believes that Perez was afraid Kretzer might’ve taken pictures of him and knocked her to the ground in an attempt to steal her phone.

Perez left the scene of the crime, but left behind crucial evidence, which led to his capture.

According to West Boca News, it is believed that SWAT team was used to bring Perez in.

Perez, who is on probation in Palm Beach County for aggravated assault with intent to commit a felony committed in New York, will be charged with robbery with a firearm and aggravated assault.



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