Florida driver gets 'instant karma' after irate driver flips her off, then crashes

By Victoria Greene,

A woman in Florida has received what she is calling 'instant karma.'

The woman, who has been asked to be identified by her YouTube handle Florida Driver, was driving on U.S. 41 Monday afternoon when another driver began tailgating her, according to The Daily Caller.

Florida Driver was in the left lane and driving a bit slowly. According to the description in her YouTube video, there were trucks in the right lane and as it was raining, she didn’t want to speed up to try to pass them.

When the man who was tailgating her sped up and passed her in the right lane, he rolled down his window and gave her his middle finger. He then lost control of his truck. It went through a median and knocked down a light pole.

The tailgater, who has been identified as 33-year-old Jeffrey White, tried to drive away after the accident.

"He kept spinning his wheels but couldn't get out," Florida Driver said, according to WXYZ Detroit.

Florida Driver said White called a friend with a chain tow to get him out and as he drove away, Florida Driver drove close and took a picture of his tags.

She gave the picture to the police and they arrested White Wednesday. The light pole he knocked down was owned by the Florida Department of Transportation.



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