Florida executes Robert Henry for murder of two female co-workers

By Kyle Johnson,

On Thursday, Florida put to death a man that had been convicted in the death of two female co-workers.

The 55-year-old Robert Henry killed two co-workers at a fabric story he was attempting to rob by beating them with a hammer and then lighting them on fire, reports The Associated Press. He was executed by lethal injection.

The Florida man murdered the fabric store workers back in 1987 and made off with about $1,200. A jury found him guilty of first-degree murder and he was sentenced to death.

Reuters notes that Henry worked as a custodian at the fabric store with Phyllis Harris and Janet Cox Thermidor. Initially he confessed to killing them, but later testified someone else who robbed the store killed them.

Henry's attorneys attempted to halt his execution because the state now uses the sedative midazolam hydrochloride, since they no longer have access to sodium pentobarbital, and they argued he could suffer a painful death due to health issues.

Before his execution, Henry spoke to the witnesses gathered and slammed the death penalty saying, "why would we continue to be murderers to those who have murdered?"

Once he was done, one of the witnesses yelled "Die!" towards Henry, though he would not have heard it through the glass.



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