Florida man survives skydiving into power lines

By Victoria Greene,

A Florida man survived skydiving into a nest of power lines after heavy winds blew him off course.

Rafael Ramirez, 28, is an experienced skydiver. He’s been doing it for four years, so doing it one more time didn’t seem like it would be anything out of the ordinary, but he was in for a shock on March 12 when heavy winds blew him off course and into a residential neighborhood.

“It really happened quickly. I got a little frightened when I saw the sparks,” Ramirez told ABC affiliate WPBF.

Ramirez jumped at 13,000 feet over Indian River County, a popular area for skydivers, but when the winds hit and pushed him off course, he was forced to land in power lines.

According to The New York Daily News, Ramirez had to cut himself down and suffered some minor burns, but he is otherwise in good health.

Taking his survival as incentive, Ramirez went out and bought a lottery ticket after his ordeal and won a small prize of $5.

“I won five bucks. Lucky day. And I'm still alive,” Ramirez said.

A lucky day, indeed.



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