Florida mother arrested for hosting teen daughter's wild party

By Victoria Greene,

A mother in Florida is facing over 20 charges for hosting a wild party for her teenage daughter and lying to authorities about her whereabouts.

According to the Naples Daily News, police were called to the home of Carolyn Weinand, 56, around midnight Tuesday for a noise complaint. When authorities arrived, teenage partygoers scattered across the yard and into the house, leaving empty beer cans and marijuana behind.

When police knocked on the door, Mariel Weinand, 18, answered with the assistance of two friends, who helped hold the inebriated teen up. After telling police that her mother was not home and providing her phone number, the authorities contacted Weinand.

Weinand told them she was not home and gave police permission to remove the partygoers from her home. She stated she did not know there would be drinking.

However, while police were searching and clearing the residence, they found Weinand hiding in one of the bedrooms.

After admitting that she spoke to police on the phone just a short while earlier, Weinand stated that she thought it would be safer for the teens if they were drinking in her home, according to The New York Daily News. She has insisted that she did not buy the alcohol being consumed.

Weinand faces 26 counts of selling, giving or serving alcohol to a minor and a misdemeanor charge of having an open house party. Her bond was $53,000.

Mariel was arrested on the charge of hosting an open house party.

Both have been released from jail.



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