Former Boston mayor Thomas Menino is being treated for advanced-staged cancer

By Rebecca Walezak,

Former Boston Mayor Thomas Menino is being treated for an advanced form of an unknown cancer.

According to CBS Boston, the former mayor, now 71, was diagnosed in early February. The cancer was found while Menino was being checked by doctors for weakness he was having in his knees. Doctors found an unknown type of cancer spread throughout his liver and lymph nodes.

Treatment began in early March. Menino is expected to undergo at least three more treatment sessions. This recently battle is reported to be unrelated to the lesion found between his shoulders in 2003 or the skin cancer he faced about two years ago.

The Associated Press reports that Menino was the longest-serving Boston mayor in history, serving for over 20 years before retiring just last year at age 70 after several hospital visits.

Menino stated that he does not want anyone to feel sorry for him and that they don’t need to offer sympathy, stating simply, “we’ll get through it.”



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