Former Miss Kentucky comes out as a lesbian

By Rebecca Walezak,

Former Miss Kentucky came out last month, making her the first open lesbian pageant contestant.

Djuan Keila Trent, who competed back in 2011, opened up on her blog about being queer and admitted that she wasn’t sure how to initially tell the world.

“Sure, it was easy to type up that three word sentence, sure,” Trent wrote. “But that doesn’t discount the fact that my armpits are sweating, my mind is racing, and my hands are shaking just a bit.”

According to Yahoo Shine, Trent has the complete support of several gay-rights organizations who believe that she is making a breakthrough step in the pageant world.

“I have realized that there is really no way for people to know that I disagree with their views or, even moreso, to know that they are talking about me, unless I actually open my mouth and say it,” Trent said.

Buzz Feed reports that the former pageant contestant came out in response to a court hearing that revoked the state’s ban on same-sex marriage.



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