Former Miss Kentucky declares herself ‘queer’

By Kyle Lubelski,

Djuan Trent, who was crowned Miss Kentucky in 2010, took to her blog last week to announce that she is gay, in response to her home state’s recent ban on recognizing out-of-state same-sex relationships.

According to People, the 27-year-old Trent was inspired by actress Ellen Page’s recent announcement that she was gay, and sought to accomplish her own goals of self-liberation, inspiration, and awareness with her post.

She writes, “I would love to one day live in a society where coming out is no longer necessary because we don't make assumptions about one another's sexuality and homophobia is laid to rest. For now, that is more of an ideal than it is a reality. But if you want see that ideal become a reality and you have the courage to change history...come on out and make your presence known.”

The New York Daily News reports that seven top state officials in Kentucky, including state attorney general Jack Conway, have all stood against the judge’s ruling. “I would be defending discrimination. That will not do,” Conway said regarding the law.

Trent is the first national pageant contestant to come out as a lesbian.

photo: By Chad Hembree from Berea, KY, US (IMG_3341) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons



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