'The Fosters' Recap: 1.18: "Escapes and Reversals"

By Kelly Sarna,

There’s a reason why this episode is called “Escapes and Reversals”. Everyone is going to be wishing they had a do-over or a way out. And ya know, there’s a wrestling match.

The episode starts the morning after, Callie examining the photo Brandon’s car photo-bombed in. Lena walks in and asks if Callie made a list of everyone that was at the photo shoot. Callie did and hands it over. Lena reassures Callie if Daphne didn’t take the Kindles, there’s no need to worry.

In the next room, Jesus is writing Lexi a breakup email. After being called downstairs for breakfast, he hurriedly sends it. Surprise! Lexi isn’t in Honduras. She’s at the kitchen table next to Jesus. She’s staying at the Adams-Foster residence this week! However, the Moms reinforce the “no closed doors” policy. Realizing he made a mistake, Jesus gets a hold of Lexi’s phone and deletes the email.

At Mike’s, while making breakfast, Dani advises Brandon to ditch his fake I.D. The second Mike enters, Brandon leaves. Dani tells him she wants to help more so Brandon doesn’t get in trouble. Mike reassures her everything’s fine.

Jesus explains to Emma at school about the “breakup that never happened” with Lexi. Who would appear moments later but Lexi. Awkward introductions are exchanged. It’s so awkward that Emma slams her finger in her locker? Don’t fret, Jesus will take you to the nurse, Emma. Which he does, leaving Lexi to question the two with Mariana. Mariana says she’s done her digging on Emma and the two are just friends.
While with Lexi, Mariana introduces Zach to her. Lexi immediately picks up on “crush” vibes between them. “You like him,” Lexi says. First, Mariana disagrees. But does she?

Outside, Brandon yells at Vico for stealing the Kindles. After he gets the money, he‘s out. Meanwhile, Callie is viewing everything. She goes up to Vico “wanting in” on his business and tries to Nancy Drew the situation. Vico has no clue what she’s up to.

Callie heads into Lena’s office, where Jude and Stef are waiting. The Kindles are back (hooray), but also they explain in order to further their adoption, they have to reach out to their father. Callie comes out with the truth: their father has been out of jail for over a year and never came for them. Jude storms out.

Later outside, Brandon is counting his cash with Vico. $900 in hand, he’s ready to leave. That is until Vico shows Brandon his next client…Callie.

Brandon high-tails to Callie. He asks what she’s doing and not to lie.
“That’s rich coming from you!” Seeing how he not only lied, but cost her a friend. He explains he tried to fix everything. Callie‘s response: “I don’t even know you anymore.” She parts dramatically.

With Mariana, she’s trying to convince Zach to go to Jesus’ wrestling match with her; as “friends”. After much hesitation he agrees.

Outside, Brandon notices someone bragging about their new fake I.D. He walks up to them and says they won’t work. He confiscates the I.D and informs him he should tell his friends. One down, more to go.

Inside the school, it’s meet time. Jesus is nervous beyond belief. Emma reassures him. After all, he’s wrestling a scrawny guy, not an Arnold Schwarzenegger double. He tries to apologize for Lexi, but she refuses to discuss it now. But if she had to give her two cents she suggests breaking up in person.

Speaking of Lexi, Mariana, Zach, herself and Callie all hold up a sign for Jesus. Cue more confusion and nervousness for Jesus. He pops a couple pills in hopes to help him. With Stef and Lena, the two are discussing Timothy and all his good traits. And with that, they’ve got themselves a sperm donor.

Now Jesus’ turn, if he wins, his team wins. No pressure. The second the match starts however, his vision blurs and the coach pulls a timeout. Jesus says he’s fine to hope he can win for his team. With focus, he ends up winning! Everyone cheers! Lexi tries to send her parents a picture, but can’t until she deletes messages from her inbox. Then she sees Jesus’ sent-then-deleted breakup message in her trash.

With Brandon and Callie, he tells her he bought back all the I.Ds. He explains his entire story. He did all this for her.

Congratulations are given to Jesus. It’s then he realizes he likes Emma, but he loves Lexi. Emma understands. Jesus goes to Lexi and says he knows somewhere they can be alone.

Outside after the match, Zach says he should go, but Mariana insists they “hangout” more. “We were on a date, weren’t we?” Mariana nods and they kiss. They are interrupted by Zach’s Mom, who insists he get in the car. He does as told, leaving a confused Mariana.

Behind the school, Vico corners Brandon about the I.Ds. Brandon’s done, end of story. Vico won’t take no for an answer. When Brandon leaves, he sends Callie’s picture to his I.D. hookup.

At Mike’s, Lexi and Jesus are making out. But Lexi stops and says she has a confession to make. She kissed a boy in Honduras. It’s over.

Lexi packs her things back at the Adams-Foster house. Mariana asks her if she really did kiss a boy in Honduras. Lexi doesn’t answer.

At Mike’s, Brandon decides it’s time to come clean to his dad. He blurts out, “I owe you $900.”

Zach arrives at Mariana’s doorstep, but can’t stay. He doesn’t think “they” are such a good idea. After no explanation, he leaves Mariana again.

In the kitchen, Jude and Callie talk about their Dad. Callie apologizes to Jude for not telling about their Dad’s whereabouts sooner. Jude understands. In walks Stef and Lena, the lawyer found him!

Later, Stef and Lena get some “alone” time while the kids are away. They think Callie’s at group.

She isn’t.
“You look just like your mother.”
Callie is standing in front of her father.

image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons



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