'The Fosters' Recap: 1.19: 'Don't Let Go'

By Kelly Sarna,

Callie reunites with her dad, Mariana goes on a date with Zach and Jesus stumbles upon something.

Callie is still standing in front of her father, Donald Jacob, at his home. He invites Callie into it. But Callie isn’t there for catching up; she wants answers. Like what he’s going to say to Jude. And why he didn’t contact them all these years. Don simply wanted to better his life before his kids were in it.

Later, Callie returns to the Adams-Foster house, Stef at her side. Lena asks how group went. She says she didn’t go, but did homework in the lobby instead. They remind Callie that group is part of her probation and that she’ll have to make it up.

Meanwhile with Jesus, he’s in Brandon’s room trying to make it his. Mariana notices this and is appalled that he gets the room but not her. Stef shuts down the argument; no one is getting Brandon’s room.

In the kitchen, Callie is eating dinner when Jude joins her. She asks Jude what he wants their father to say to him. Jude just wants to say goodbye to him.

During school, Mariana gets a text from Zach saying he’s homesick. Brandon sneaks up behind her and casually teases her. “You got kissed and dumped in one afternoon.” Mariana brushes it off and asks if he’s thinking about moving back. “Eventually,” he answers.

With Jesus, he’s freaking out about an upcoming test. Emma, who’s next to him, jokes with him saying that all that “Lexi time” is cutting into studying. Jesus sets her straight, and explains about their breakup. He asks Emma if she’ll help him study. She flat out says no.

Outside, Jesus runs up to Mariana begging her to help him convince their moms to let him have Brandon’s room. She agrees, only if Jesus does her chores for two months. It’s a deal. After Jesus leaves, Zach’s mom appears. At first, Mariana’s confused, “I thought Zach was sick.” Zach’s mom, Amanda, states, “Love sick more like.” She invites Mariana to have dinner with her and Zach tonight. Mariana agrees.

Inside Lena’s office, Lena, Stef, and Timothy are finalizing the “sperm donor” details. He reassures them he went to the doctor and he’s in perfect health. More information is discussed, such as a contract stating that Stef and Lena are the parents and that this is a secret.

Stef later runs into Mariana outside. Mariana asks if she can have dinner at Zach‘s. Stef says they were planning on having a family dinner (Brandon included). This is when Mariana drops the bombshell: Brandon’s grounded. Leaving Stef shocked.

Callie heads over to Daphne’s work, where she tries to beg for forgiveness over the “Kindle Situation.” Daphne forgives her. The two dine at Daphne’s work and Callie blurts out she met her dad.

With Stef, after hearing of Brandon’s grounding, she runs to Mike’s. She demands to be involved in every decision regarding Brandon. After she leaves, Dani slithers from her eavesdropping spot and says, “You handled that well.” She suggests that maybe Brandon should move out. But Mike disagrees.

After her loud discussion with Mike, Stef walks into her house to find a chipper Lena. “I’m ovulating!” Stef explains they still have legal issues to discuss. Jesus interrupts them to report that Mariana is fine with him moving into Brandon’s room. His moms however are not.

That night, Mariana knocks on Zach’s door. When he opens the door, he‘s shocked to find Mariana. She informs him of the dinner. During said dinner, bizarre things occur: like Zach’s mom pouring them wine and forgetting various pieces of information (like that she cooked dinner). Zach is embarrassed, but Mariana loves it.

Callie visits her dad again. She wants to know why he stopped writing. He says he gave up and hoped they would move on without him. He blames himself for their mother’s death.

Back with Mariana and Zach, he confesses he’s embarrassed by his mom’s behavior. He understands if Mariana doesn’t want to see him anymore. But she doesn‘t mind. She describes Amanda as fun and kooky. The two share a sweet kiss.

The next day, Timothy arrives at the Adams-Foster house, ready to…donate. The ladies reassure that no one’s home and he’ll find all of his “necessities” up in the bathroom. He does as told, while Stef and Lena wait in the backyard for him to finish.

However, they didn’t expect for someone to come home early. Jesus, in dire need of his meds, comes home and walks up to the bathroom. Fortunately, Timothy did the deed and runs at the first sight of seeing Jesus. It doesn’t take long for Jesus to find…the cup. He lets out a teenage girl, “MOM!” scream! He yells about what he found, to which his moms say they know. The cat’s out of the bag. Or baby for that matter.

Because of that, Stef and Lena share the news with everyone. Lena sets them straight; she hopes to carry the baby. Jesus puts in his two cents about the discovery he made. They also explain Brandon’s room will be the baby’s.

Later in Mariana’s room, she’s playing the cute “hang up” game with Zach. They do so, but Zach calls again. But it’s not Zach, it’s Amanda. She threatens Mariana with harsh words such as “slut” and “whore.” She sure is kooky, isn’t she, Marianna?

The next day, it’s time for Jude and Callie to see their dad (Callie later decided on seeing him, too). Their dad makes sure to pretend he hasn’t seen Callie. He explains to his kids that he signed the adoption papers and that he loves his kids more they could know.

Callie walks him out. He explains to Callie that he might be their dad, but he’s not parent material. As he walks away, he advises they take care of each other.

Callie responds, “We always do.”

With that she walks inside and shuts the door.

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