'The Fosters' Recap: 1.20: "Metropolis"

By Kelly Sarna,

In this episode: a much loved character returns, the Winter Ball is the talk of the school and Brandon has to face the repercussions of his actions.

Brandon is playing the piano in the music room of his high school in the opening scene. While playing, Callie walks in the room and says how great it is to see him playing again. The two reminisce on their first venture into the music room where Brandon played her his song about family. This time he adds both Jude and Callie. At first with Callie, he jokingly bangs on the keys. But then he changes the tempo into his actual (still romantic) feelings for her. Callie reminds him of the adoption that is still very much happening; on Monday to be exact. That doesn’t seem to affect Brandon though.

Later, down in the courtyard, Callie gets a call from none other then…Wyatt. He says she looks really good. Confused by this Callie asks, “How would you know?” He asks her to turn around and sure enough he’s standing right behind her! The two hug in a cute embrace. Brandon however, looks out of the music room window and witnesses the whole scene. Needless to say, he is not smiling like Callie is below.

Back with Wyatt and Callie, she has to hear the truth from Wyatt about when she ran away and he ratted her out to Stef and Lena. He explains that while he did call them, he later changed his mind and ran away before Callie could confront him.

When Callie asks, “Why?” all Wyatt’s response is, “You know why.”

Inside the school, Jesus is in class trying to get Emma to go to the Winter Ball with him. She explains she has a date already.

Meanwhile, Mariana is at her locker when Zac’s Mom, Amanda, runs up to her. She is in a much better (and happier) mood then before when she was threatening Mariana via that phone call. She hopes that she didn’t scare Mariana and also says that she’s going to help Lena with the dance. When Zac joins them, he is a bit embarrassed to find his Mom talking to Mariana. However after Amanda leaves, Mariana advises that she should see a doctor. Zac shuts that idea down right away. Changing the subject, she thinks they both should go together to the dance. But with his Mom chaperoning, Zac doesn’t think it’s the best idea.

Outside of the police station, Stef runs into Mike where she explains that she isn’t too keen on Brandon being home alone all night while he’s working night shifts. Mike says that Dani is there every night and that things are fine. Stef still doesn’t see eye to eye with him.
Right before she’s about to head home, Stef gets an unexpected visit from none other then Mariana and Jesus’ biological mother, Ana. This ain’t no friendly visit either. She confronts Stef and reveals that her son gave her money to change the testimony for the case. And if Stef doesn’t give her $10,000 she’s going back to the police to retract her statement. Still trying to remain calm after this threat, she leans into Ana’s ear and exclaims that if Ana ever comes back, she’ll have her arrested for extorting a police officer.

Later that night at home, Stef walks into Jesus’ room. She asks him if he wants to go back on his ADHD meds so he can focus better and hopefully gain an attitude adjustment. Jesus reassures he’s fine and that he needs more time to test out this “no-meds” lifestyle still. She simply nods. As she’s about to walk out of his room, she brings up Ana. She asks if Jesus has been in contact with her at all, and he instantly says he hasn’t.

In Mariana and Callie’s room, the two are discussing the dance. Mariana does not want to go stag to the dance. Callie mentions that she isn’t going with anyone. But Mariana is quick to point out a certain blond boy that came struttin’ back into town recently. Callie shuts that idea down because, Wyatt isn’t registered at the school anymore. None the less, Mariana is still in shock that Zac hasn’t asked her out. It’s then that Callie jokingly brings up the “panty” incident once again.

In Stef and Lena’s bedroom, the two are discussing Wyatt’s return. While, they’re both happy that this might take Callie’s attention away from Brandon, they can’t help but wonder about how Wyatt let Callie run away with him.

With Wyatt, he gets a text from Callie saying he can come back to school, she just needs to know where he’s staying now. That’s when we see him getting all cozy in his car, pillow, blankets and all. That’s right, he’s homeless and has resorted to living in his car for the time being.
Unfortunately for him, the next morning after leaving his car to get ready for school (an outdoor shower and whatnot), he comes back to find it being towed.

At school, Mariana tries to walk up to Zac so she can ask him to the dance, but he stops her. Instead, he leads her to her locker where he has a cute yet cheesy “Mystery Date” themed card on her door. It ends up being his way of asking her to the dance (not to mention his Mom’s idea). She of course says yes (although she has no clue what the heck “Mystery Date” is).

Off further down the hall, Brandon runs to over to Callie, but along the way gets knocked over by Vico, who still has it in for him. Callie seeing this, asks him what Vico’s deal is. Brandon says, “Well, he keyed my car and ran into me, so that’s obviously the big revenge he was plotting, right?” Brandon changes the subject though by inviting Callie over to Mike’s place so they can hang out. Callie doesn’t think that is a good idea though, saying that the music room at lunch would suffice just as fine. But Brandon doesn’t take no for an answer and she eventually agrees she’ll come over to his place after group sessions.
After they part ways a little announcement is made through the halls. Winter Ball Queen nominations are in and Callie’s nominated!

At lunch, Wyatt and Callie talk about the recent nomination. Wyatt thinks she’d make a great Queen, but Callie just wants to get her name off the ballot and be done with it, thinking it a joke. Wyatt advises that if it is a joke, that she turn it around and turn it into a positive. She thinks about this. It’s then that she asks for a ride to group later. This causes Wyatt to spill the beans on his car being towed earlier that day. When Callie asks why the family he’s staying with didn’t help him get it back, he then confesses to his current living situations.

A little later, Brandon is seen at home practicing piano (playing a song he composed “Callie’s Song” I might add). That’s when he gets a text from Callie saying she has to cancel their plans. Needless to say, he’s a bit peeved.

Speaking of Callie, she is with Wyatt at Daphne’s where she’s trying to convince Daphne to take him in for a few days. After much hesitation at first, Daphne later agrees to doing so.

At dinner at the Adams-Foster home, the Winter Ball gets brought up, to which Callie states how she doesn’t even want to go to the dance; let alone be nominated. Stef and Lena state that if the nomination is even a joke, she should rise above from all of it.

It’s dance time! Callie ends up getting Wyatt a job handing out punch, to which he thanks her for it. He notes that she’s still on the ballot for Queen, which she says she’s taking her Moms advice and “rising above”.

Lena is showing Zac’s Mom the ins and outs of the ballot box. But Principal Sanchez interrupts to explain to Lena about Callie’s lack of involvement at this dance.

With Jesus, he is explaining his distaste in Emma’s date to her. Emma has no problem retaliating. “Well, I sure as hell have done worse.” She storms off with said date.

Brandon walks up to Callie and asks her to dance (which believe it or not was Lena’s idea). Sitting her purse down (Why might I ask?), she goes out in the dance floor with him.

As we pan out to different parts of the dance, we see that several people are voting for Callie. We even see Emma’s date going into a “Out of Order” stall in the men’s bathroom, which turns out is where alcohol is being handed out. The guys there, give a toast to Callie.

Off in another part of the dance, Mariana and Zac are adorably dancing. That is until his Mom cuts in and accuses them of “screwing each other” in front of everyone and hurries away, leaving the two completely confused.

Brandon and Callie have now walked away from the dance floor to chat. Callie says she hates being at this dance to which Brandon explodes in a rant. He hates the fact that he’s always there when she needs him, but she always ends up cancelling on him when he needs her. To which Callie responds that she was with Wyatt because of his car situation. Brandon’s response: “I’m still in love with you.” Callie having no clue what to say, says what she’s been repeating for awhile now: they are going to be related soon. Their relationship can’t happen.
Brandon seems to think that it can by him still living at Mike’s.
She states that she needs a family…end of story and tries to walk away.
Brandon isn’t finished though. He claims their love is a once in a lifetime deal.
Callie tries to explain that ‘they’ can’t happen once more.
But Brandon says he’ll only back off if there’s a good enough reason to.
Callie quickly lies and says that she slept with Wyatt when she was running away with him.
That did the trick, because he ends up being speechless and wallows away.

And just as that occurs, Callie gets brought up to the stage to be crowned Winter Ball Queen.

Outside of the dance, Mariana and Zac are looking for his Mom. They find her, however she has no idea who Zac even is.

Back inside, after Callie is crowned, we see Talya telling Principal Sanchez something. Turns out, they find drunk girls in the bathroom as well that think that Callie supplied the alcohol thus casting their vote for her for Queen.

In Sanchez’ office, Callie insures Sanchez, Lena and Stef (who later showed up) that she’s being set up. She even says they should check her purse for anything.

Meanwhile, we witness Emma’s date getting a tad grabby with her. Jesus sees this and tries to put a stop to it. After trying to take his keys, Emma informs him that she’s the one that’s driving and he needs to bud out.

Back in the office, after they dump out Callie’s purse, they indeed find the fake I.D. Callie immediately claims that it isn’t hers. Eventually cops get involved, asking Callie who would do such a thing. And then in walks Brandon taking full responsibility for it, even though he knows this is Vico’s doing.
The cop next to Stef asks her what she wants to do with her son and she simply says, “Arrest him.” And that they do.

Outside, Brandon is led to a cop car in handcuffs. But before getting in, Callie runs up to him and proclaims that what she said about Wyatt wasn’t true.

Later in the cop car, Mike and Stef try and get everything out of Brandon. To which he tells the whole truth, from stealing the keys to even giving the piano money to Ana.
At the mention of Ana, Stef goes bug-eyed.

And with that we are left at a cliffhanger right before next week’s season finale!

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