Friend of Oscar Pistorius testifies about gunshot incident at restaurant

By Michelle Kapusta,

A friend of Oscar Pistorius testified on Wednesday about an incident where a shot was fired at a restaurant last year.

USA Today reported that boxer Kevin Lerena, testified that the Paralympian asked their friend, Darren Fresco, to take the blame after a pistol was accidentally fired in a Johannesburg restaurant.

Lerena testified that he witnessed Fresco pass Pistorius the gun under the table and then a gunshot rang out. He claimed that after the shot, there was a hole in the floor and the bullet had grazed his toe.

The Times noted that prosecutor Gerrie Nel questioned the boxer about what Pistorius allegedly said after the shot was fired.

"Please Darren, just say it was you, I don't want any tension around me," Lerena recalled.

The prosecution is hoping to paint a picture that the Olympic athlete known as “Blade Runner,” had a history of gun violence.

Pistorius is accused of the 2013 Valentine’s Day murder of his model girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, who he says he mistook for an intruder.

Image: Erik van Leeuwen [GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons



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