'Frozen' opens strong in Japan

By Chelsea Lewis ,

Frozen has been taking over the box office in the United States for months but now the film is finally opening overseas. Frozen just arrived in Japan with a great opening weekend.

The film was released under a different title in Japan. It is called Anna to Yuki no Jou (Anna and the Snow Queen) and features different actors providing the voices to the characters, The Hollywood Reporter added.

It earned $9.5 million on 598 screens and 602,347 admissions on the March 15-16 weekend. The film also set a record for the largest opening for a film so far in Japan, Variety reports.

Frozen has been enjoying success after its Oscar win for best original song and best animated feature. In Japan, well known musician
May J covered "Let It Go" at one of her concerts and the video went viral.

The former record holder was another animated picture, Monsters University, which is also produced by Pixar.

The last Disney helmed film to open in Japan was Brave. During its opening weekend the film only made $1.4 million at the box office.

Frozen has been a huge hit in Asia – and many other places – achieving a record setting $77 million in South Korea and $48.2 million in China, where it still ranks ninth after 40 days on release.

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